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If you’ve ever noticed an ad follow you around the internet you know how suspicious it feels. Are these companies really spending that much money to be on EVERY site you visit? Is it just a coincidence?

It’s no coincidence. That ad is tracking you.

Most sites you visit place a tiny piece of code on your computer and then follow you around the web, tracking your online behavior. Advertisers do it all the time. Unfortunately, it’s perfectly legal and most websites you visit do something like this to some degree. In fact, it’s actually easy to see which sites are tracking you.

To make things worse 1 out of 100 ads on the internet are considered “malicious”. These ads are known as "malvertising," and they infect your computer hoping to steal your private information. According to Ars Technica, a respected technology review site, “1 billion ad impressions last year were malicious antivirus software, tech support scams and other fraudulent schemes.”

That’s a lot of bad people trying to get your private information.

Obviously not all advertisers are bad, but it’s almost impossible to tell the good from the bad as Malvertising techniques get more sophisticated. Every click you make on an ad comes with some level of risk.

That’s why we created Ad Stopper.

Rather than try to figure out which ads are dangerous, we wanted a tool that blocks EVERY ad. We wanted it to be “light-weight” and work quietly in the background while we enjoy our favorite websites. We wanted it to be easy to install, easy to use and show us how many sites and trackers it blocked. We also wanted to be able to turn it off with the click of a button.

So what can you expect when you install Ad Stopper in your browser?

  • Your favorite sites load much faster without ads.
  • You’ll see how many ads and trackers were blocked in the user-friendly interface.
  • You can quickly turn it on or off for each website.
  • It blocks malicious ads that could potentially infect your computer and steal your information.
  • You’re not distracted by flashing ads and pop-up videos.

You're going to love the Internet without ads.

It works so well you may not even notice it’s working. We take that as a compliment.

Other well-known ad blockers actually make money by charging advertisers for the chance to bypass their software and show you ads anyway. We don’t think that’s fair. Ad Stopper’s goal is to block ALL ads. Yes even our own.

Give it a try and see how much you enjoy the internet with Ad Stopper. This could be the last online ad you will ever see. But don't take our word for it:  See What Real Users Say.

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