5 Reasons You Should Be Blocking Ads

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Studies show that 25% of U.S. internet users block ads. Here's the top 5 reasons why they do.

1. Websites load up to 44% faster.

Ads are typically the slowest loading component of a website and studies show that by blocking them, websites load up to 44% faster on average.


2. Reduced Data Usage

Websites consume less data when those pesky ads aren’t allowed to load. How much less data? Test results showed that blocking ads reduced data usage by around 19%.

3. Protection Against Tracking Cookies

Have you noticed websites prompting you to accept their “cookie policy”? Some of these cookies can track your online activity, that's why it sometimes feels like ads are following you around the Internet. Ad Stopper blocks all of these tracking cookies.


4. 1% of Ads Are Malicious

Malicious advertising, also referred to as “malvertising,” accounts for over 1% of all online ad content. With Ad Stopper installed, you can rest easy, knowing that in blocking all ads, you’re keeping yourself safe from malvertising and phishing sites that might steal your personal information.

5. Finally, Peace of Mind

Consistently, customers are amazed at all of the benefits listed above. Just imagine visiting your favorite websites, having them load faster, using less data, and giving you less concern about your privacy -- who wouldn’t want that? Still, the most popular reason people block ads is simply so they can enjoy the internet in peace. It’s extremely annoying when ads keep popping up and blocking you from what you are trying to view online.

Want to start blocking ads?

We recommend Ad Stopper, it has over 1,200 5 star reviews in the Google Chrome Web Store and is free to try.